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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Do these sites (named on the right) really PAY ?

Yes I have been paid many times by them; - Studiotraffic is a 2 yr old site ... but I still do not suggest you to put in your money , unless you can risk that amount and undertake to seriously persue the site as a part time income source! U need to visit them atleast once in a week!
But yes, if you invest, you get appreciably large amounts to EARNING, than if you join FREE ... then you get to know such interesting new sites & contents and lots of good ideas ! So- JOIN and start EARNING your EXTRA PAY with me.
The SURVEYS also pay actually here the difference between paid & unpaid is that paid members get $25 to $150 (in 3 weeks) while the free members get $2 to $7 (in 8 weeks) for the same 10 to 25 minutes ...I too have joined and recieved pay.