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Palmist Shubhankar Banerjee dedicates this blog to Snehil G., his friend.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

PAYPAL payment to Indian Bank Account !!

I offer you the payment of paypal money into your Indian Bank Account ... within 7 days ... with a fees of just Rs. 250 per '$50 or less'. I offer the service only for up to $ 150.

To avail the service you may contact me via E-mail. After that you may give me the bank account details, and then after receiving a final confirmation, you may transfer me the money through PAYPAL and receive its equivalent in rupees on your bank account.

The Dollar to Rupee conversion would be taken as Rs 42 per Dollar.

So if you transfer me $45, you receive 45*42-250 = Rs 1640

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Palmist's FREE downloads, games, Sania Mirza and much more .

Hello friend ... this is my blog , where you all can post your comments, suggestions etc., for my homepage and also for my other sites in existance.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Indian Paying site :consumers- india

This site is recently discovered by me and people told me that it really pays and has really paid !! The site earns revenue from Indian firms for Ads. and logos; the minimum payout is Rs.5000. It may seem much but is really small considering the big refferal percentages 15%, 10% etc...!! and I feel it must be trusted basically because it doesnot need any Paypal or such sites. It sends money using DD or Money order (there are many other modes too).
SO friends we must join this website for consumer opinions from India ... yes do remember that we need to actually visit this site to earn, as compared to the site : Free shares : that pays just for joining , albeit many days later !!
This is my best find for the Indians as a free to join MLM (multi level marketing) item. So join earn and enjoy !!

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Get paid $150$ Surveys

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Whats in ?

Well in this age of the Internet, there are millions of web pages and it is too tough to find the particular needed at the actual time! So we use various search engines for various needs but remembering them is not all that easy. So I came up with a site that contains all major search engines at a place and where you can search all of them simultaneously !
Of course I acknowledge that the Idea was got from Twingine ! I also invite suggestions for the logo or a better name or some search engine! to be added to my engine.
Yes those who want to get their sites listed in those search engines may contact me too ... for a nominal fee, I will submit to more than 200 search engines ! Believe me there are many engines in the world !

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Do these sites (named on the right) really PAY ?

Yes I have been paid many times by them; - Studiotraffic is a 2 yr old site ... but I still do not suggest you to put in your money , unless you can risk that amount and undertake to seriously persue the site as a part time income source! U need to visit them atleast once in a week!
But yes, if you invest, you get appreciably large amounts to EARNING, than if you join FREE ... then you get to know such interesting new sites & contents and lots of good ideas ! So- JOIN and start EARNING your EXTRA PAY with me.
The SURVEYS also pay actually here the difference between paid & unpaid is that paid members get $25 to $150 (in 3 weeks) while the free members get $2 to $7 (in 8 weeks) for the same 10 to 25 minutes ...I too have joined and recieved pay.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Paid survey ... instantly get paid !